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Case Study: Lee Enterprises Customer Experience, Revenue and Insight

In a subscription-based industry where active engagement is critical and even minor downtime can cause major drops in engagement, reliable and responsive system support can define success. Download the case study to learn how Lee Enterprises increased their revenue and insights.

TCN SpeechAnalytics at a Glance

SpeechAnalytics offers powerful search and discovery tools combined with automated call transcription and reduction. Deep business insights are hidden inside every customer interaction. TCN’s SpeechAnalytics can help to reveal them.

Cloud Software for the Modern Call Center

Your contact center needs call center management software that boosts productivity and improves your bottom line. See how you can turn productivity into profit.

3 Ways To Optimize Your Call Center

In this guide you will learn how to look for trackable KPI's as well as how to help your agents be more efficient. Being in the business of call centers, you also know that the quicker your agents can resolve issues, the shorter the phone calls. And the shorter the phone calls, the more customers they can assist.

Quick ROI Guide

TCN knows that choosing your contact center solution
means knowing it will prove its worth quickly. Here you’ll
find how TCN teams up with clients for lightning-fast deployment
that delivers on investment the day it’s launched.

Case Study: First Collection Services

After switching to TCN’s Platform 3.0, an advanced and cost-effective cloud-based contact center suite, FCS improved its productivity, customer satisfaction and overall collection efforts. These gains were largely due to TCN’s superior support quality and wide array of platform capabilities.

eBook: The Managers Guide to Call Center Regulation 2018

Get started improving your compliance by learning the governing laws inside and out, and thoroughly account for them in company best practices. The following are the most impactful call center regulations and tips for compliance in your call center.

Whitepaper: Retention Touch Point Timeline

Learn best practices for scripts used in the newspaper industry. TCN's touch point timeline for retention initiatives covers SMS, email and robocall campaigns.

Infographic: Seven Costliest Mistakes in Call Center Compliance

Ever wonder how much a TCPA violation could cost your organization? Look at these top seven costliest TCPA mistakes companies made in 2017.

Infographic: Features and Benefits of AgentSMS for Collection Agencies

AgentSMS is built on TCN’s advanced cloud-based contact center suite, Platform 3.0, eliminating the need for complicated hardware. The platform improves connectivity between agents and clients with blended inbound and outbound call flows. Its industry-leading features like predictive dialer, IVR, call recording and business intelligence give you the functionality and insights your call centers need to get the edge.

eBook: Looking Into The Future Of The Collection Industry

TCN recently surveyed over 2,000 collection professionals on topics that range from compliance to technology, policy practices, communication methods and trends. We have published the results in this eBook and wanted to share these insights to help your collection agency manage technology, compliance and the evolving landscape where modern collection agencies live. 

2016 Collections Industry Survey: Future of the Collections Industry Infographic

TCN’s recent survey of the collections industry ranged from compliance to technology, policy practices, communication methods and trends. Ahead, we wanted to share these insights (and more) to help your collection agency manage technology, compliance and the evolving landscape where modern collection agencies live.

Call Centers and Big Data

Make sense of all that data! As you hone your call center analytics, your call center will get better at knowing which mode of contact to use, which in turn will speed up positive resolutions. Check out our infographic to learn more.

The Cost of a TCPA: 7 Surprising Facts

Wonder what a TCPA violation cost big banks in 2016? Check out these 7 surprising ways call centers have suffered for TCPA non-compliance. As a leading provider of call center solutions, TCN works with the Fortune 500 and companies of all sizes to optimize inbound and outbound calling, which can help companies to comply with TCPA.

eBook: Implementing TCN to Increase Profit Margins

TCN’s cloud-based voice platform streamlines both inbound and outbound resources, improves penetration rates, and minimizes compliance risk-exposure. This case study examines how implementing TCN’s platform reduced costs and increased productivity for a third-party collections company.

TCN Business Intelligence: Performance Metrics and Strategy

Explore how TCN BI can help predict, evaluate, and indentify specific call center metrics. All this paired with the most advance call center software available.

Forging Connectivity: Performing Under the Worst Conditions

Forging connectivity by proactively anticipating clients’ needs while building business Robert Myers, executive vice president of TCN in Mays Landing, New Jersey observes that the best communication systems perform in the worst conditions.

An Overview of TCN

Find out how TCN is a full featured hosted contact center solution for call centers and collection agencies.

Manually Approved Calling

Adding a human element to Manual Dialing for a superior compliance.

Is TCN Right for Your Organization?

Answer yes to any of these questions to see if the TCN Cloud solution is right your organization.

TCN Top 10

Top 10 reasons why TCN is leading call center cloud technology.

The Most Advanced Cloud Call Center Suite Available, Ever

100% Cloud-based contact center for Inbound, Outbound, and Blended Environments help your Agents be more productive.

Hosted vs. Premised

See how TCN stacks up against leading premised (and cloud) systems.

Compliance Matters

Tools to help you stay compliant. Innovative technology can help you dial within compliance.

Fred Flintstone vs George Jetson: 6 Reasons Call Center Execs Are Moving from On-Premised

Solutions to the Cloud Improve Contact Center Performance In this e-book you’ll learn why the industry's most forward-thinking call centers are moving to cloud-based software solutions. We outline 6 of the main benefits, including: Saving money on hardware, installation and maintenance fees On-the-fly adjustment capabilities for call trees and load fluctuations Opportunities to improve agent KPIs in real time.

The Complete Guide To TCPA and A Compliance Checklist For Call Centers

What the New Rules Mean & Possible Exemptions What you’ll find inside: A plain English breakdown of the new TCPA rules Checklists to help you stay compliant with the changes Exactly how to get prior expressed written consent A list of both mobile and landline exemptions.

Are You Getting the Maximum ROI from Your Dialer?

Most companies are starting to grasp the benefits of cloud based services. Have you considered the increase in ROI available out of a cloud based dialer? Are you considering the compliance tools that are available in the cloud? How a hosted model has a lower total cost of ownership- all on a secure, cloud-based platform.

Whitepaper: Premised vs. Hosted

As a call center or collection agency with any number of agents, you need to see this 5-year cost analysis. Regardless how much you spend on a dialer today, in a year or less new technology will render it obsolete.

Top 10 List When Considering a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

In selecting a hosted Contact Center solution for customer service centers or call centers, keeping the following 10 points in mind will help you to select the best provider in the cloud for your Inbound and Outbound voice communication needs.

Implementing TCN to Increase Profit Margins

An enterprise-sized collection agency with 40 call centers came to TCN looking to replace their hardware on-premised system. Read the full story.

Increasing Overall Collections with TCN

Learn how a large third-party collection agency used to TCN to increase collections and agent efficiency.

Using TCN to Triple Profit

A head-to-head hosted champion challenge.

Solution Synergy: TCN and Debt$Net

Join us in showcasing our Debt$Net integration! We will be presenting the full integration, as well as some awesome benefits. Webinar starts on August 19, at 12noon MDT.

Business Intelligence: Performance Metrics and Strategy

TCN BI provides direct access to dynamic click-configurable business insights, metrics, charts, and graphs that measure, compare, prescribe, and predict call center performance. All this paired with the most efficient call center technology available.

Exclusive TCPA/FCC Webinar With Attorney Eric Allen

Check out this on demand video for an exclusive 1-hour “all things compliant” webinar. We are thrilled to have Eric Allen with ALLEN, MITCHELL & ALLEN, PLLC presenting industry expertise on TCPA, specifically the new June 2015 FCC regulations.

TCN Releases Web-Based Predictive Dialer and Unveils Agent Gateway

The TCN Predictive Dialer is a groundbreaking innovation that is a culmination of research and development began nearly one decade ago. 100% web-based and provided as a Software as a Service, the Predictive Dialer makes affordable for any organization the rich feature set of a $200,000 traditional hardware dialer - for simple pennies per minute.

Opportunities Provided by New Cloud Technologies

TCN's VP of Sales Dave Bethers, gives insight on how to leverage emerging technology, specifically in the contact center. Learn how premised systems stack against leading cloud solutions like TCN.

TCN Product Overview

The TCN solution is a complete dialer replacement with full inbound, outbound, and blended functionality. Because TCN is cloud based you can rest assured you are always running the latest version of TCN. No Hardware to Purchase, No Monthly Minimums, No Maintenance Fees, and No Support Contracts.

Compliance Matters

Keeping up with recent developments involving TCPA, TCN is pleased to deliver additional services that meet the requests by our clients. These services include: Manual Dialing Only Platform, Cell Phone Scrub, and IP Address Lock-Down.

Exceptional Support from TCN

TCN provides amazing support from it's professional customer service team.

Creating Happy and Effective Agents

TCN offers fully blended inbound, outbound, predictive preview, manual, and blast features to maintain the highest levels of agent performance, efficiency, and overall productivity. You get call recording, critical TCPA compliance management tools, and features including mobile phone identification, scrubbing, and manual dialing modes for free with our our world-class client support will be at your disposal.

TCN's User Group Webinar: "Features" of Success

TCN's Platform 3 just got better.  Join us on May 21 at Noon MDT for a 45-minute webinar to learn how to leverage the best contact center technology available.

Match Made In The Cloud: TCN and Collect.org

Join us in showcasing our Collect.org integration! We will be presenting the full integration as well as some awesome benefits. Webinar starts on June 24th at 12noon MST.

TCN's Agent Efficiency: Born in The Cloud

Agents are at the heart of a call center, they’re on the front lines everyday. Making sure they have the tools and confidence to perform their job is more important then ever. Spend 45-minutes with TCN and learn how to improve agent confidence and boost productivity.

TCPA and the Recent FCC Ruling

In response to the FCC ruling released July 10, 2015, TCN held an exclusive training webinar for our clients and those interested in learning about the changes that occurred.  Get the latest on TCPA and FCC rulings that were released and learn how it affects the industry and your organization as a whole.

Queue Call Back: Increasing Customer Satisfaction Using Innovative Techniques

TCN's Platform 3 just got better! Join us for a 45-minute webinar and learn about our all-new Queue Call Back.

Call Centers + Competitive Analytics

TCN's Platform 3 just got better! Check out this 45-minute webinar and learn about our all-new Competitive Analytics!

New Year, New Opportunities – What’s Your Call Center Resolution for 2016

Join us on January 28, 2016 at Noon MDT for an exclusive 1-hour webinar on how to make and keep your 2016 resolutions and strategies.


Discover the unlimited benefits of the cloud-based solution. Here's everything you need to know to be sure you are getting the absolute best call center product possible.